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 In the museum you can see the exhibition on the theme Vedrovice 6,000 years ago. This is the Neolithic period, when the area first settled farmers. From this time they found the remains of settlements and burial of the people of the Linear Pottery and areas (roundels) people of the Moravian Painted Ware.
  The near by forest of Moravský Krumlov offer extensive mining the stone cornea from the Jurassic period. The stone used by people to produce of stone instruments. Huge range and unclear purpose extraction of forest of Moravský Krumlov  is one of the mysteries of the Moravian prehistory, so it deserves own exhibition with czech name Krumlovský les .
In certified tourist information center will also get tourists and visitors more information about Vedrovice and microregion  Moravskokrumlovsko in terms of culture, sights, hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and accessibility.
  In the attic of the building is a lecture room with small kitchen for maximum capacity of 40 people. They are there to organize workshops, symposia, presentations, educational programs or meetings of experts.


 It is possible to rent a spacious kitchen with tiled stove and seating area in the courtyard of the complex to implement any celebrations, events and meetings.
In the courtyard of the complex is the location of the original wind vane wheel of protected monuments technical Windy pump.
  On museum´s yard is a rural barn that will always open from April to September. Exposure presents a variety of handicraft items carpenters, blacksmiths, potters, old farm machinery and objects of daily use.


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